Ubud Culinary Courses

As I already told you on the previous post, I stayed for almost 2 months in Bali and joined some vegetarian and vegan courses that I highly recommend and will share here.

Honeymoon Guesthouses: Saturday Food as Medicine Vegan Class

9:30am – 1:00pm
Rp 450,000 per person

Discover the extraordinary healing properties of spices and their colourful history. Enjoy pumpkin curry, tempe with fresh lemon basil, roasted coconut banana flower salad, seasonal greens and red rice followed by non-dairy coconut ice cream. Recipes included.

Preparing the curry paste

Sayuri Healing Food

This monthly 4-day course in demo-style gives you a broad overview of their favourite raw food recipes and techniques: pasta, fermentation, chocolate, raw desserts, raw Thai and Japanese flavours, and much more. We prepare tasty dishes together, learn and play!

10am – 12pm and 1-3pm on 4 consecutive days

Cooking with the chef

Pemulan Bali – Farm Cooking School

Start with a visit to the morning market to see day to day life of countryside people interact in the traditional market. Upon arrival, you will be given a tour around the organic farm and learn how a Balinese family expertly uses the natural resources surrounding them to create a self-sustaining farm. The fresh ingredients you pick from this very field will be used to prepare your favourite dishes in your Balinese cooking School later on.

7:30am – 2:00pm
Rp 400,000 per person

Harvesting our ingredients

Alchemy Academy

I did not have time to join a course there, but went several times to their restaurant, visited their school space and bought their book. So it is one of my favorite spots in Bali and for sure their courses are great!

Published by Caroline Massote

I'm a former psychologist and was born in Brazil but now I teach yoga and cook in Mexico City. Traveling is my great passion, so I am happy to share with you all my experiences around the world.

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