Natural wine in Mexico City

Natural wine bars have been spreading throughout the world for several years in some countries like Italy and Spain, but in Mexico this culture has just arrived in the recent years. Here are my favorite spots in CDMX where you can find them.

Bottega Sartoria: Marco Carboni made the unique bar with the “cicchetti” concept in DF. I love the vibe and the wine selection. But be aware, if you buy a bottle that it’s not on the wine list you pay a % over the price tag to drink it there.

Amaya: Jair Telez is the owner and chef there. He produces the Bichi wines in which you can find for the best price in town there. The food is amazing, starting with their sourdough bread.

Nazas: my favorite one when you want something more exciting during the night to listen good music and dance a bit. It’s a super hipster place like a pop up garage haha, that opens only once a week, normally Thursdays. With wines, some tapas and nice vinil music playing. Follow @amayamexico on Instagram to see what day they will have it.

Loup Bar: they have a great selection of wines and good seasonal food. The one in the list that I think is more expensive.

Published by Caroline Massote

I'm a former psychologist and was born in Brazil but now I teach yoga and cook in Mexico City. Traveling is my great passion, so I am happy to share with you all my experiences around the world.

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