Isabelle Lefebvre

I’ve been practicing yoga over the last three years and immediately fell in love with this world! I started having classes with Carol in the past few months and I have never evolved and improved in my practice the way I have since I started being her student. It is so special to overcome limits and discover new possibilities for my body and mind. My yoga classes are definitely my favorite moments during the week and Carol also always brings something new and different practices which makes the process dynamic and exciting, since there is always something new to learn. I definitely recommend her classes. She is such a special person and teacher!!! All practices are unique and very special.

Flavia Glina

In Mexico, Carol joined the YOGIZ Happiness at Work team and it was a pleasure to work with her. She is very professional, kind and shares her good vibes with who is around. Our clients were delighted with her classes style, she has a beautiful presence and knows how to take care of her students. We will miss her!

YOGIZ Happiness at Work

Carol’s passion over yoga is transmitted in her class. She connects the physical practice with the philosophy and theory, and she cares and concerns about her students individual needs and wellbeing. It’s a lovely class, and I left completely relaxed and felling good after my yoga experience!

Isabela Pinheiro

When I booked this experience with Caroline I was expecting a good basic yoga class and a normal vegan brunch. Boy was I surprised when I started my experience. Caroline (noting I wasn’t very experienced) explained to me the principles and disciplines of yoga and how they all connect with each other in order to maximise the wellness you can get from practicing it and making it a part of your lifestyle. She guided me through the movements and poses with kindness and helped me be able to do a pose I’ve had trouble with the times that I tried it (crow). It was an excellent and very relaxing class. The brunch was one of the best I have had in Mexico. You could taste the care and love she put into each item she prepared. Overall this is a magical experience that I highly recommend to anyone. It is worth way more than what you are being charged for. Thank you Caroline!

Luis Carlos

Carol teaches one of the best yoga classes that I’ve ever done. I feel safe during the classes because I know that she has always her eyes on. She adjusts and teaches me at the same time, I am learning and not only repeating. I feel that I work the whole body, the breathings and meditations are awesome. I highly recommend.

Marcela Tulmann